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New Online Directory Procedures

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The old online directory for RCHCA will no longer work in the weeks to come as the local AtoZDirectories.com has sold out to a larger firm called A TO Z Connect.

They have a robust system and I will be sending out an email from that system sometime soon to inform those individuals who are set up with an email account in our old system, how to go about getting up in the new system.  Everything transferred over with the exception of the LOGIN user/passwords.  

In order to access the new system you will be required to create a NEW LOGIN (which will be email based).  If you use the same email account that we had on file in the old system – your information will come up automatically. [NOTE: This may or may not be the email account associated with the listserve.]
The new URL to access the online directory is: https://rchca.membershiptoolkit.com/

There is also an app (for both IOS & Android) called Membership Toolkit – but you need to be fully registered via a desktop computer before you can use the app.

This will be a learning curve for all – please be patient!

Contact Sam Hoxie or Mike Baker for assistance!

Rock Creek Hills’ Unlawfully Discriminatory Covenants

By | Covenants, From the RCHCA Officers

Friends and Neighbors,

I am delighted to report that today I received in the mail copies of completed paperwork from Montgomery County’s County Attorney fully approving all nine (9) of Rock Creek Hills Covenants, Inc.’s submission packets to strike out and officially eliminate all the unlawfully discriminatory covenants that used to haunt our neighborhood!  Now the amended versions of those covenants can and will be recorded by the Montgomery County Circuit Court Clerk for Land Records, and no one will ever have to pass along those covenants to potential new home owners in our community.

What a great feeling that is!!!

Thanks once again to all of you for your efforts helping to get this done.

Peter Chatfield

President RCHCA and RCH Covenants, Inc.

Reminder that Rock Creek Hills Citizen’s Association Needs Your Support

By | Board Correspondence, From the RCHCA Officers

Dear Neighbors,

Through April 4 we have received 2021 dues from 68 of the 599 houses listed in RCHCA Directory.  That represents a response rate of a bit under 12%. 

First of all, thanks very much to those who have responded with support thus far, and especially to those of you who chipped in more than the standard $40 membership dues.  Those contributions are very much appreciated.

[NOTE: In case you’re wondering how to pay your annual $40 per household dues, we’ve made it easy. You can pay online at http://rchca.org/, click on the PAY NOW link. You also can mail or drop off a check for $40 (or more) payable to RCHCA, attention Treasurer John Robinson, 9616 Old Spring Road Kensington, MD 20895.]

To the remainder of the community, I ask that you seriously consider contributing now, as the requested funds are needed for the Board to fulfill its obligations to the community, including maintain our neighborhood webpage, publishing updated neighborhood directories, maintaining public areas, planning and funding community events that we hope to be able to schedule again soon, and paying costs that occasionally become necessary to seek and receive counsel and/or legal representation about when and how the Board should fulfill its legal obligation to enforce lawful covenants that help preserve the quiet, park-like atmosphere of our neighborhood and balance the contractual rights, obligations, and expecta­tions of community members with regard to sometimes conflicting views and concerns about neighborhood land use.

On the subject of covenants, I am very much pleased to report that substantial progress has recently been made on our community’s long-standing effort to find a workable way to officially strike the unlawfully discriminatory covenants that have plagued our neighborhood over past decades.  Working directly with the Office of the Maryland Attorney General and the Clerk of Land Records at the Montgomery County Circuit Court, we have succeeded in developing an officially approved model for how to implement the change in Maryland law that went into effect on October 20, 2020.  The approved approach now makes removal of such covenants practical to achieve, if still not a simple to implement.

Members of our community are currently collecting the information we need to collect and compile in order to adequately direct the Clerk of Land Records to each and every property that is affected by each of the fourteen different versions of covenants that exist in Rock Creek Hills so that the discriminatory language can be struck from each such set of covenants and properly recorded as such in the County’s land records.

An especially gratifying aspect of the effort is that our neighborhood has taken what has turned out to be the leading role in achieving that goal and is thus blazing a trail that other communities — community leaders — are now asking us how to duplicate.

Thanks in advance for your continued support of our efforts.

Peter Chatfield

President RCHCA

Message from the Board: March 2021

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Good Morning Rock Creek Hills neighbors,

Spring is arriving to our beautiful neighborhood, and we are looking forward to warmer days, blooming daffodils, and returning songbirds to our backyards and local parks. 

If you are reading this email, you are on the Rock Creek Hills listserv, one of many community services funded by the yearly $40 per household contribution to the Rock Creek Hills Citizens’ Association.

We are reaching out to you now to ask for your annual contribution. The fastest and easiest way to pay your household dues is to click on this link, http://rchca.org/. If you are able, please consider donating more than the standard $40 dues to support your neighborhood, as the cost of providing services has increased over time and our dues level has remained constant for many years.

The Rock Creek Hills Citizens’ Association Board uses your contributions to provide all routine Association costs, including:

·        Beautifying and maintaining our neighborhood traffic circles, which work historically has been done largely by community volunteers using supplies paid for by the Citizen’s Association but which increasingly must be performed by contractors as our volunteers have had to step back from their prior — and very-much-appreciated — physical contributions.

·        Funding our spring and fall neighborhood parties, which we expect will return later this year.

·        Paying for the neighborhood listserv, where we can share community forum and updates about events and community concerns.

·        Producing a hard-copy Neighborhood Directory every several years.

·        Maintaining an online Neighborhood Directory, which is regularly updated.

·        Sponsoring two yearly business meetings with important presentations on issues impacting the neighborhood, such as new water lines and construction projects affecting our community. Please note that your dues payment qualifies you to vote on community decisions made at these meetings.

·        Monitoring and enforcing the neighborhood covenants, which maintain the special park-like appeal of Rock Creek Hills.

These services support our entire community and provide value to every homeowner in our neighborhood. We ask every household to please support these services by contributing. You can pay online today at http://rchca.org/. You also can mail or drop off a check for $40 (or more) payable to RCHCA, attention Treasurer John Robinson, 9616 Old Spring Road Kensington, MD 20895

The Rock Creek Hills Citizens’ Association Board and its overlapping covenants-enforcement board are all-volunteer organizations managed by members of this community. If you are interested doing more to support our neighborhood, or have ideas for ways to improve our community, please share your thoughts by email to the Citizens’ Association Board at:  board@rchca.org.

Thank you for your contributions to RCHCA and to our wonderful neighborhood. They are greatly appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

Peter Chatfield

RCHCA President

P.S. If you are interested in a colorful “Welcome to Our Neighborhood” yard sign, we have a few more for sale for $15. Contact jjpekar@gmail.com to get yours.

Rock Creek Hill Citizens’ Association Board Elections

By | From the RCHCA Officers, Meetings

Dear Neighbors,

It’s election time again!  It’s time to elect the Officers of the Board of the Rock Creek Hill Citizens’ Association.  Please consider getting involved in this great neighborhood.  

Board members are voted in at the first meeting of every new fiscal year.  This year the meeting will be virtual and those details will be sent along at a later date.

The RCHCA Board consists of:

President – chairs all meetings of the Association, enforces the constitution and rules of order, appoints the chairs of all standing committees and such other committees as may be approved by the Executive Committee.  

Vice President – Acts as President upon request or in the absence of the President

Secretary – Records the minutes of the meetings of the Association and Executive Committee.  Notifies all members of the time and place of regular and special meetings.  

Treasurer – collects all moneys and contributions due the Association and keeps a permanent record.  The Treasurer also cares for the funds and makes disbursements as requested by the Association or Executive Committee

(The Executive Committee is made up of the above Officers)

For more information on the Board, Committees and representatives please visit: https://rchca.org/rchca-business/officers-committees/

For the current Constitution and Bylaws: https://rchca.org/resources/constitution-andby-laws/

Feel free to email me erkingery@gmail.com if you have questions, comments, want to nominate someone or if you are interested in serving on the Board.

Please be so kind as to pass this information along to any neighbors who are not on the listserv. Thanks!

Please stay well and safe,

Betsy Kingery

Nominations, RCHCA

RCHCA and RCHCI Board Nominations and Elections

By | Board Correspondence, From the RCHCA Officers


Per the RCHCA Bylaws:

Sec 1: A nominating committee of at least two members shall be appointed by the President, with public notification for others to join at or about the time of the October meeting each year or within thirty days thereafter, and this committee shall nominate candidates for the offices of President, Vice- President, Secretary, and Treasurer at the Annual Meeting. Additional nominations for any of the said offices may be made by any member from the floor at the election meeting

I have asked Betsy Kingery to Chair the Nominating Committee.  Please contact her at erkingery@gmail.com for more information. 

Additionally, if you are aware of members of our community not on RCHCAnet who might be interested in running for a position on the Boards and/or in becoming dues-paying members so that they can vote in the election of Board members, please pass along this information to them and invite them to let Betsy know they are interested and/or have questions about potentially running.  

The elections will be held remotely in January or February.

Thank you,

Peter Chatfield, President RCHCA

Next RCHCA Meeting: Tues, 2/18/2020 @ 7:30 (Silver Creek MS)

By | From the RCHCA Officers, Meetings, Neighborhood Notices

Dear RCHCA,  
This is a reminder that our winter meeting will be on Tuesday, February 18 at 7:30 at the Silver Creek Middle School.  Doors will open at 7:00pm.An agenda is below.

Dues are $40/family/year and are due now.  In order to vote at any meeting you must be up to date on dues.  You can pay online at https://rchca.org/ or mail a check made out to RCHCA Treasurer to:John Robinson9616 Old Spring RdKensington, MD 20895

You can also bring a check to the meeting but come early if you do.
We look forward to seeing you all there.




Silver Creek Middle School

7:30 – 9:00 pm

1.    Treasurer’s Report – John Robinson

a.     Payment 2020 Dues of $40/household are now due. 

b.    Need for better financial and volunteer support from Rock Creek Hills residents for Citizens’ Association to do its work and to support community building activities

2.    Nomination and Re-election of RCHCA Officers and Vacancies to be Filled

a.     President – Peter Chatfield

b.    Vice President — Hill Carter

c.     Treasurer — John Robinson

d.    Secretary — to be determined

e.     Request for volunteers for nominating committee

3.    Review and Update on neighborhood participation in Compost Crew services – Erica Weiss

4.    Update on Beltway Widening – Barbara Coufal from CABE

5.    Special acknowledgement of Laura Dennis for her work with Parks to clear dead trees from Silver Creek, organization of Silver Creek Clean-Up efforts, and volunteered for committee work on getting benches placed along the Creek

6.    Updates on covenant revisions, WSSC water main work, traffic safety restructuring, sidewalks – Peter Chatfield

Annual Halloween Parade/Pot Luck – 10/27/19

By | Social Events

The crisp, fall weather is right around the corner…and so is our annual RCHCA all-neighbors-welcome Halloween party. 
Scheduled for Sunday, October 27, we need volunteers to take the reigns on this annual event, or sadly it will not happen this year. 
Erica Weiss, Randi Wortman and I planned this event for the past three years and have an easy playbook for you to follow so you can maximize the fun — with very little work. 

Email me at jennierose1@gmail.com if you can help keep this tradition going for our neighborhood. Great opportunity for some of our new neighbors and young families to work together to continue this great community event. 
Thanks, Jennie RosenbergWake Drive