How to Obtain Covenants Information

In May 2021, Montgomery County’s County Attorney fully approved all nine (9) of Rock Creek Hills Covenants, Inc.’s submission packets to strike out and officially eliminate all the unlawfully discriminatory covenants that used to haunt our neighborhood!  The amended versions of those covenants have been recorded by the Montgomery County Circuit Court Clerk for Land Records, and no one will ever have to pass along those covenants to potential new home owners in our community. The amended covenants are available below.


[In a June 5, 2014 post, Jim Pekar outlines how to obtain the covenants on your home in 3 easy steps!]

We  have a covenants map that shows which block and lot # has which type of covenants, and a detailed mapping of the liber and folio number for each block and lot so that anyone interested can look up their covenants with the county records office.


Here is a pdf file of the home improvement “check list” and sample “neighbor notification”

Covenants Approval Request to Montgomery County Council

The Board submitted a letter in November 2005 requesting the Montgomery County Council to consider changing the rules for building permits to require that properties with covenants have the approval of the local citizens association’s covenants board prior to receiving approval for a building permit. The Board would also like the council to consider supporting legislation that would require all titles and deeds having any restrictive covenants attached have those covenants presented to buyers at the time of closing. To date, the council has not responded to the letter.


A key factor in the continued maintenance of any residential area as a desirable neighborhood is use of “Covenants,” which are merely a system of establishing and maintaining conditions on the user of property. The sole object of “covenants” is to maintain the beautiful character of the development.

When Continental Life Insurance Company started Rock Creek Hills many years ago, it recorded various sets of covenants in the land records of the county. This practice was followed by Continental Life Insurance Company as it developed new areas, as well as by the more recent developers.

About 1958, Rock Creek Hills Covenants, Inc. was organized by Rock Creek Hills Citizens Association to take over the responsibilities and power over covenants in Rock Creek Hills from Southland Life Insurance Company, the successor of Continental Life Insurance Company, as Southland was moving out of the Washington area. Other developers, as they sold out their developments, also assigned their responsibilities and powers to Rock Creek Hills Covenants, Inc. The officers of Rock Creek Hills Covenants, Inc. are elected by the membership of the Rock Creek Hills Citizens Association.

Although the exact language of the various sets of covenants differs, they all have principal provisions which set forth that:

  • Each lot shall be limited to a detached, single family residence with single family dwelling use;
  • The property shall not be used for trade or business use;
  • No line fences or walls of any kind shall be erected except growing hedges or such as may be approved by Rock Creek Hills Covenants, Inc.;
  • No building or structure of any kind shall be erected, or any alteration to an existing building or structure shall be made, until it shall have been approved by Rock Creek Hills Covenants, Inc.;
  • There shall be no nuisances or anything noxious, dangerous or offensive, with specific reference to keeping cattle, livestock or fowls.

Considerable work has been expended in the identification of the exact covenants which are applicable to each lot in Rock Creek Hills.

A copy of the covenants affecting your property can be obtained by visiting the County’s Land Records Office. The Land Records Office of the Circuit Court is on the second floor in Room 218 of the Judicial Center, 50 Courthouse Square, Rockville, MD.

If you have any questions about the nature of these covenants which are applicable to your property, or if you contemplate any such construction, alteration or usage, please contact the any officer of the Citizens Association.