Membership & Directory Policy

  1. The RCHCA Community Directory should only include resident households that are formally within RCHCA as defined by our current Constitution and Bylaws (C&B). This means excluding any homes within the corporate limits of Chevy Chase View or Town of Kensington (Article I). Furthermore, only residences in the Rock Creek Hills subdivision or the Larchmont Knolls subdivision east of Connecticut Ave. are eligible for membership (Article III – Section 1).
  2. Since RCHCA needs to include absentee landlords in mailings (Article III – Section 1), we have an expanded list for all mailings, including dues requests. The expanded list includes the main list of resident households, plus the list of non-resident owners, plus any “grandfathered” residences outside of the boundaries of RCHCA that have been included in prior directories for multiple publications. Such residences outside of the RCHCA boundaries will retain their eligibility for membership only if they pay dues annually. The eligibility will be reevaluated at the time of each triennial directory publication. Furthermore, the “grandfathered” residences expire when the current residents sell or otherwise leave them.
  3. Members from “grandfathered” residences retain all of the rights of regular members, including the right to vote at regular and special meetings if their payment of RCHCA dues is current.