Home Improvements Checklist

Home Improvement Checklist

This process should be used for exterior home improvements such as additions, modifications, new or replacement fences, new or replacement sheds, etc.

  • Determine whether or not restrictive covenants apply to your property by contacting any Association officer.
  • Communicate with your neighbors. Please share your plans with neighbors – generally next door, across the street, and those either in “line of sight” or who may be affected by construction, etc. Don’t forget neighbors behind you if appropriate. Please ask your neighbors to sign and date a “Neighbor Notification Form” acknowledging they have seen your plans and do not object [sample form below].
  • Submit a copy of your plans, along with the “Neighbor Notification Form,” to any Association officer with a cover letter briefly describing the plans. Plans must include a copy of your plat showing existing and new construction – for work involving an architect or builder, they will likely provide you such plans.
  • For fences, first note that Montgomery County requires permits for fences. Please provide RCHCA a copy of your plat showing where the fence will be, and provide a description – i.e., height, material, style. In general, the following guidelines for fences have evolved in Rock Creek Hills:
    • No front yard fences;
    • No chain link fences; and
    • Wrought iron fences have only been approved with shrub coverage.