Officers & Committees

Contact any of the current board members if you would like to help serve on any of the committees.

NOTE: The current officers were voted in at the November 2018 meeting and will serve through early 2020.

Board members are voted in at the first meeting of every new fiscal year. In October of the previous year a Nominating Committee is formed. This committee is responsible for presenting a slate of officers to be voted in at the January meeting. We urge our neighbors and friends to get involved. In addition to the Executive Board, there are many other volunteer opportunities in the way of Standing Committees and Liaisons.

Please contact any of the Board members or send an e-mail by clicking on the name below. You may also email the entire board of officers (

Current Officers

President Peter Chatfield 301-933-2440
Vice-President Hill Carter 301-814-2840
Treasurer John Robinson 301-949-5452

Mail dues to
9616 Old Spring Road or pay via the link on this page

Secretary Fern Shepard 301-962-5303
Past-President Jim Pekar 301-962-9230

Standing Committees

Building and Covenants John Robinson*
The Building and Covenants Committee shall be charged with responsibility for the study of building regulations and covenants and the observance thereof throughout the community.
Communications VACANT (Newsletters)
Mike Baker (RCHCAnet & Website & Database)
Sam Hoxie
(Website & Database)
The Communications Committee shall be charged with responsibility for member recruitment, publication of the neighborhood directory, newsletters and other forms of communication with members of the Association.
Legislative, Planning & Zoning Vacant The Legislative, Planning and Zoning Committee shall be charged with responsibility for community interests in private and public land uses, master plans and zoning regulations and monitoring state and county legislation which may uniquely affect the community.
Health, Safety & Environment Bob MacDowall*
The Health Safety and Environment Committee shall have the responsibility for addressing community interests on public health and safety and related environmental issues including but not limited to sanitation, police and fire services
Special Events Erica Weiss

Looking for new leadership!

The Special Events Committee shall be charged with responsibility for arrangement of special programs and entertainment for special programs and activities.
Transportation Mike Baker* The Transportation Committee shall be charged with responsibility for community interests in streets, street signs, traffic signs, and highway safety.


Membership & Welcoming Kathy Morgan

Mary Beth Taylor

Be sure to contact Kathy or Mary Beth, if you are new to the neighborhood. Email:
Community Police Liaison Steve Steinberg
Representative to Coalition of Kensington Communities (CKC) Donna Tisdale