New Online Directory Procedures

The old online directory for RCHCA will no longer work in the weeks to come as the local has sold out to a larger firm called A TO Z Connect.

They have a robust system and I will be sending out an email from that system sometime soon to inform those individuals who are set up with an email account in our old system, how to go about getting up in the new system.  Everything transferred over with the exception of the LOGIN user/passwords.  

In order to access the new system you will be required to create a NEW LOGIN (which will be email based).  If you use the same email account that we had on file in the old system – your information will come up automatically. [NOTE: This may or may not be the email account associated with the listserve.]
The new URL to access the online directory is:

There is also an app (for both IOS & Android) called Membership Toolkit – but you need to be fully registered via a desktop computer before you can use the app.

This will be a learning curve for all – please be patient!

Contact Sam Hoxie or Mike Baker for assistance!