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Neighborhood Notices

Police Tips on Theft from Cars

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Below is a message from our MCPD Community Relations Officer on how to avoid becoming the victim of theft from your car.

Also, in light of the recent rash of thefts from cars in our RCH community, the Neighborhood Watch is getting active again. Over the next week, Watch captains will be distributing police handouts and stickers that remind you to remove valuables from your car and lock your doors. The stickers can be placed on your driver side window, and they do not leave a glue residue. If you not receive a handout/sticker within two weeks, please feel free to contact me for one. I’m at 9806 Hillridge Drive.

Good luck!


Paul Tiao & Eden Durbin

—–Original Message—–
From: Stroman, Dana <Dana.Stroman@montgomerycountymd.gov>
To: PaulTiao <paultiao@aol.com> Sent: Fri, Jun 30, 2017 10:33 am
Subject: Rock Creek Hill Community

June 30, 2017

Dear Community Partners:

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to help us with this very important prevention initiative. Theft from vehicles is the recurring #1 crime in the 2nd District. It is also one of the most preventable crimes, yet nearly 70-80% of victims are still leaving their cars unlocked and/or leaving valuables inside making our neighborhoods easy targets, and very popular with the bad guys (and girls).

The people that we arrest tell us they come here because so many people leave their car doors unlocked, and so many leave valuables inside. We have to work together to make life more difficult for these suspects.

Please remember:

1. Lock your vehicles. Push the lock button on your key fob and double check visually that your doors actually locked.

2. Remove all valuables like purses, laptops, phones, etc. and anything that appears to have value such as a laptop case. Suspects generally do not use force to break into a car if there is nothing of value visible inside.

3. Remove all spare keys from the car. Check your owners’ manual to ensure there is no valet key stored in there, especially on older model vehicles.

4. Call 911 immediately when you observe a suspicious care or person in your neighborhood, especially if late at night and they are carrying backpacks and trying door handles.

Let’s work together to bring down crime in 2017. Thank you for your help.

Officer Dana Stroman
Montgomery County Police
2nd District



Officer Dana Stroman
Community Services Officer
2nd District
Montgomery County Police

Welcoming the students of Silver Creek Middle School

By | From the RCHCA Officers, Neighborhood Notices, Silver Creek Middle School

Dear neighbors,

What can we do to welcome Silver Creek students?

We could put up “we’re glad you’re our neighbor” yard signs
especially in yards facing the school and along bus and walking routes.

Wouldn’t that make a nice sight, on opening day?

Please, what do you think? (If there’s enough interest we could to try to get costs down below $15 per household by arranging for bulk purchase or printing.)

Thank you.

With best regards,
Jim Pekar
President, Rock Creek Hills Citizens’ Association


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*For the annual Rock Creek Hills*

*May 21st *
*5:00 pm – 7:30 pm *
*Kensington Cabin Park *

*Join us for a great evening of food, family & fun. *
*We look forward to seeing you there, meeting new neighbors and enjoying
great company!*

*If you would join Erika Weiss, Randi Wortman and myself on the planning
commitee, please contact me at jennierose1@gmail.com <jennierose1@gmail.com> *

*Details to follow, but as always we welcome your delicious contributions: *
*Last name A-L: Desserts / **Last name: M-Z: Appetizers*

WSSC public meeting on Rock Creek Hills Water Main Project: Monday 7 PM at Kensington Park Library, 4201 Knowles Ave.

By | From the RCHCA Officers, Neighborhood Notices

Dear neighbors,

WSSC will hold a public workshop on the Rock Creek Hills Water Main Project on Monday, March 27th, from 7 to 8 pm, at the Kensington Park Library, at 4201 Knowles Ave.

You may recall that WSSC is preparing to undertake two water main replacement projects in our neighborhood. Rock Creek Hills resident hydrogeologist Chris Muffels merged the two WSSC water main project maps, so that the combined coverage of the two projects can be seen on one map:

(Of course, this graphic is provided as a courtesy, and while it is accurate to the best of our knowledge, it cannot be guaranteed correct, and we accept no liability, etc.)

The following were provided by WSSC:
• Map of “Kensington Parkway” project : <https://db.tt/bJbOUmwf>
• List of address covered by “Kensington Parkway” project : <https://db.tt/Mghsx4zq>
• Map of “Rock Creek Hills” project: <https://goo.gl/fpGPVg>
• Summary of “Rock Creek Hills” project: <https://goo.gl/VfGkAR>
• General brochure on water main replacement: <https://goo.gl/3QEDcI>

Our report on WSSC’s July 2016 public meeting on the Kensington Parkway Water Main Replacement Project may be found at:

With best regards,
James J. Pekar, Ph.D.
President, Rock Creek Hills Citizens’ Association

WSSC Announced Additional Water Main Replacement Work

By | From the RCHCA Officers, Neighborhood Notices

Dear neighbors

You may recall that at the October meeting of our Association, we cautioned that if your home was not part of the WSSC’s upcoming “Kensington Parkway” Water Main Replacement Project, then that did not necessarily mean that you’re not getting a new water main, because WSSC was preparing to announce a second water main project in our neighborhood, to be dubbed the “Rock Creek Hills” Water Main Replacement Project.

We have now received a map showing the areas that are to be affected by this second project, which covers portions of Everett, Littledale, Haverhill, Old Spring, East Bexhill, and Calvend, and is scheduled to begin in September 2017, with completion in Fall of 2018.


We will have an update on this at our March 6th meeting.

Again, the new info here is the map of the Rock Creek Hills Project, at <https://goo.gl/fpGPVg>.

With best regards,

James J. Pekar, Ph.D.
President, Rock Creek Hills Citizens’ Association

Upcoming Kensington 8K Race Road Closures Info

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23rd Annual Kensington 8K Race
A Town of Kensington Event
Benefitting KP, NB, & WJ Schools

Roads Closed/No Street Parking(Times Approximate)

Armory Ave from Baltimore to Knowles (7am-10am)
Knowles Ave from Safeway Upper Parking Lot to Armory (7am-10am)
Armory Ave from Knowles to Howard (8am-9am)
Howard Ave from Armory to Kensington Pkwy (8am-9am)
Kensington Pkwy from Frederick to Washington (8am-10am)
Kensington Pkwy from Washington to Beach (7:30am – 9am)
Beach Drive from Connecticut to Stoneybrook (8am-9:30am)
Old Spring Rd from Beach to E. Bexhill (8:15am-9:30am)
E. Bexhill Dr from above Beach to Wake (8:15am – 9:45am)
Wake Dr from E Bexhill to Frederick (8:15am – 9:45am)
Frederick Ave from Wake to Kensington Pkwy (8:15am – 9:45am)
Warner Circle/Old Town Kensington Area (7am – 10am)
Baltimore St, Carroll Pl, Hadley Pl, Calvert Pl, Washington (Closed/No Parking)
Fawcett, Mitchell, Montgomery, Kent off circle, Warner (No/Limited Access)
Crossings/Exits Available(When Runners Not Present)

Kensington Pkwy @ Saul
Kensington Pkwy @ Everett
E. Bexhill @ Saul
E. Bexhill @ Wake
We appreciate your understanding of and support for this long-standing community event.
Runners, Walkers & Course Marshalls Welcome! Register/Volunteer @ www.kensington8k.org

Notice of WSSC Community Meeting July 21, 2016

By | From the RCHCA Officers, Meetings, Neighborhood Notices, RCHCA Biz

Dear neighbors,

Please see forwarded email below.
As our listserv does not handle attachments, I’ve put the two files provided – a list of addresses, and a map – on dropbox, where you can find  them at:

With best regards,
Jim P.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Joseph Danquah <joseph.danquah@ebaengineering.com>
Date: Wed, Jun 22, 2016 at 3:02 PM
Subject: RE: Kensington Water Main Replacement- Community Meeting July 21 ,
To: Jim Pekar <jjpekar@gmail.com>
Cc: “Lee, Wanpin” <Wanpin.Lee@wsscwater.com>, Matthew Pasowicz < mpasowicz@kensingtonretirement.com>, Mary Mell < mmell@kensingtonretirement.com>


Attached, you will find the list of homes/properties that will be affected by Kensington Water Main replacement work including Work area map . We would like to know if *Rock Creek Hills Citizens’ Association* will be able to communicate with residents on our behalf to attend community meeting on July 21, 2016. We prefer it this way because associations know their communities better and are able to communicate with them the way they know their communities. Below, I have provided an invitation message to the residents. Please let me know if it can be done.


*Message of invitation to residents*:

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) invites you to a Community Meeting on Thursday, *July 21, 2016 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm* at the *Kensington Park Retirement Community *(*3620 Littledale Rd, Kensington, MD 20895*). The Community meeting is being held to provide an overview of the water main replacement project planned for the Kensington neighborhood, and present you with an opportunity to ask questions. For more information or questions, please call the WSSC at *301-206-8532 * and speak *to
Ms. Wanpin Lee.*

*Joseph Danquah, PE*| Project Manager

EBA Engineering, Inc.

*d.* 240.547.1127 | *c.* 410.940.8918 | Joseph.Danquah@ebaengineering.com

14405 Laurel Place, Suite 300 | Laurel, MD 20707 | www.ebaengineering.com

Please Save the Date: RCHCA Meeting 7:30 PM Tuesday April 12th

By | From the RCHCA Officers, Meetings, Neighborhood Notices

Dear neighbors,

The next meeting of the Rock Creek Hills Citizens’ Association will take place on Tuesday, April 12th, at 7:30 PM, in the large activity room of Grace Episcopal Day School, at 9411 Connecticut Ave.

Topics include:
– School construction update
– Pedestrian safety now & following opening of the new school in August 2017
– Street congestion & streetscape concerns following opening of the new school
– Aesthetic mitigation of impacts associated with the new school
– Update on boundary study (to determine which elementary schools feed into the new middle school)
– Update on WSSC work
– Update on neighborhood signage
– Update on covenants
– Update on Villages of Kensington
– RCHCA budget update
– Election of officers
– Other business

Please let any Board member know if you have other topics for discussion at the meeting.

A full written notice of the meeting will be mailed to all households in Rock Creek Hills, and distributed via email to this listserv.

With best regards,
Jim Pekar,
RCHCA President

Montgomery Parks removing infested Ash trees along Rock Creek Trail & Beach Drive.

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———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Chotiner, Melissa <melissa.chotiner@montgomeryparks.org>
Date: Thu, Jan 14, 2016 at 12:02 PM
Subject: Please share with RCHCA – tree removal


I am contacting you on behalf of Montgomery Parks with important information I hope you will share with the members of your communities and organizations.

This email is a follow-up to our initial communication in the fall about this subject.

Montgomery Parks Arboriculture staff have assessed ash trees along Rock Creek Trail and Beach Drive which are infested by the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). The infestation is moving quicker than we originally predicted. Symptoms that signal the rapid decline of these trees are excessive woodpecker damage and unexpected breaking and falling limbs. Montgomery Parks is most concerned with trees and limbs that could compromise the safety of park patrons on the trail or parkway. To address this safety concern, park tree crews are removing trees that are hazardous to the parkway and trail. Tree crews are currently removing trees at Beach Dr. and Connecticut Ave. We anticipate additional tree removal to begin within the next 4-6 weeks between Garret Park Dr. and the DC line. There are approximately 1000 ash trees in this area of Rock Creek that will need to be removed. There are hundreds of other ash trees that are not within striking distance of the trail which will not be addressed. Please expect unplanned temporary trail and parkway closures as we address this safety concern. Montgomery Parks is committed to maintaining tree canopy cover in these environmentally sensitive areas and will be replanting in areas where ash trees are removed.

Please see the attached FAQ document and flyer about EAB [NOTE: Flyer contents are copied & pasted below! -JP]. For more information, please see www.MontgomeryParks.org/EAB. You may also contact Colter Burkes with any questions or comments at Colter.Burkes@MontgomeryParks.org.

Background on EAB

EAB is a non-native invasive beetle from Asia that feeds on the inner bark of the Ash tree causing the tree to die within 1- 3 years. The bug was detected in Montgomery County (2012) and is now starting to show signs of the damage to ash trees. Ash is a predominant tree species in many of Montgomery Parks’ Stream Valleys and developed parks.

Montgomery Parks is in the process of inventorying areas most impacted by EAB and creating a schedule to treat and remove trees that are affected in order to address this public safety and environmental issue.


Melissa Chotiner

Emerald Ash Borer in Montgomery Parks
Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is a non-native invasive beetle from Asia that feeds on the inner bark of the ash tree causing the tree to die within 1 – 3 years. The bug is infesting all ash trees in Montgomery County and throughout Montgomery Parks. Parks’ staff are in the process of addressing the issue with an aggressive plan of action which includes inventorying of trees and removal of hazardous ones. More details are available at www.MontgomeryParks.org/EAB.
Frequently Asked Questions on Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)
Q: What are the signs of EAB and what impact will it have on ash trees in Montgomery Parks?
Trees infested with EAB will feature several symptoms (which are very difficult to detect until the tree is heavily infested). Symptoms include increased woodpecker activity, 1/8” D-shaped holes in the bark, epicomic sprout growth, cracks or splitting of the bark, serpentine galleries under the bark. EAB will cause infested ash trees to die within 1 – 3 years. An estimated 2-4% of trees in Montgomery county are ash mainly consentrated in streams valleys. All three native species of ash, the green, white and black are affected. All ash trees greater than ½” diameter are at risk.
Q. What is Montgomery Parks doing about EAB?
Montgomery Parks’ Arboriculture Section staff have begun removing dead ash trees that present the greatest risk to the safety of park patrons. At the same time, staff is inventorying areas with the densest populations of ash to prioritize the schedule for removal. Updated information of tree removal locations will be available at www.MontgomeryParks.org/EAB.
Q. How can I help?
Park visitors are encouraged to report dead, hazardous and/or infested trees to Montgomery Parks’ Service Center by phone 301-670-8080 or email service.center@montgomeryparks.org
Q. Will Montgomery Parks replace trees where ash are removed?
Areas where Ash trees are removed will be assessed for replacement trees. Maintaining the tree canopy is very important to Montgomery Parks.

2015 Halloween Parade & Potluck

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Come to the RCHCA Neighborhood HALLOWEEN PARTY tomorrow!!

Everyone is Welcome.

It’ll be a FUN day: First enjoy the Pumpkin Rock & Roll party at Warner Circle Park in Kensington from 12-4pm… then join us in time for the RCHCA Costume Parade at 3:30pm by Rock Creek Hills local Park and stay for dinner, good company and SPOOOKY brew!

When: Saturday, Oct. 31
3:30pm – Costume Parade starts at the corner of Littledale Rd. & Haverhill Dr.
4pm – 6pm – Time to Party!
Where: 3500 Saul Road (Thank you Sam Statland)
What to wear: Something Halloweeny

We’ll have grills fired up (We’ll have hot dogs, hamburgers, turkey burgers and vegi-burgers to share. If you’d like to grill your own “something special” – you can.) Otherwise, enjoy what we have.  Inflatable bungee basket ball throw (kids vs. adults challenge?), an art table, and time to enjoy each other.

Please bring a dish to share. If your last name begins with, bring:
A-I appetizers
J-R salads/sides
S-Z dessert