Upcoming Kensington 8K Race Road Closures Info

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23rd Annual Kensington 8K Race
A Town of Kensington Event
Benefitting KP, NB, & WJ Schools

Roads Closed/No Street Parking(Times Approximate)

Armory Ave from Baltimore to Knowles (7am-10am)
Knowles Ave from Safeway Upper Parking Lot to Armory (7am-10am)
Armory Ave from Knowles to Howard (8am-9am)
Howard Ave from Armory to Kensington Pkwy (8am-9am)
Kensington Pkwy from Frederick to Washington (8am-10am)
Kensington Pkwy from Washington to Beach (7:30am – 9am)
Beach Drive from Connecticut to Stoneybrook (8am-9:30am)
Old Spring Rd from Beach to E. Bexhill (8:15am-9:30am)
E. Bexhill Dr from above Beach to Wake (8:15am – 9:45am)
Wake Dr from E Bexhill to Frederick (8:15am – 9:45am)
Frederick Ave from Wake to Kensington Pkwy (8:15am – 9:45am)
Warner Circle/Old Town Kensington Area (7am – 10am)
Baltimore St, Carroll Pl, Hadley Pl, Calvert Pl, Washington (Closed/No Parking)
Fawcett, Mitchell, Montgomery, Kent off circle, Warner (No/Limited Access)
Crossings/Exits Available(When Runners Not Present)

Kensington Pkwy @ Saul
Kensington Pkwy @ Everett
E. Bexhill @ Saul
E. Bexhill @ Wake
We appreciate your understanding of and support for this long-standing community event.
Runners, Walkers & Course Marshalls Welcome! Register/Volunteer @ www.kensington8k.org

fyi: a letter from MCPS, addressing stormwater concerns

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Dear neighbors,

Monthly onsite meetings continue between representatives of your RCHCA Board, Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), & Dustin Construction, to provide a forum for communication during construction of the new middle school.

At this month’s meeting, we received a letter from MCPS regarding last month’s stormwater concerns. You can see the letter (as the 3rd & 4th pages of the document) posted at dropbox at <goo.gl/mCPM7j>.

With best regards,
Jim Pekar
President, RCHCA

Kensington Water Main Replacement Mtg Recap

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Dear neighbors,

Here is a report on last Thursday evening’s water main meeting, as prepared by Rick Bond & myself:

WSSC has hired EBA Engineering, Inc., to design the replacement of about three miles of water mains in our neighborhood (as specified in the map & address list shared earlier). These mains are 60-80 years old, and are the cause of our not infrequent “brown water” incidents. The new mains will have a lifespan in excess of 100 years.

Work is scheduled to begin in Spring of 2017, and to end in Spring of 2019. Normally scheduled work will take place between 8 AM and 4 PM, Monday through Friday – there may be some occasions when work must be conducted in “off hours”.

During construction, temporary water service will be provided. Water shutdown periods of up to 8 hours may take place; if longer shutdowns are required, then bottled water will be provided to the affected homes. 48 hours advance notice will be provided of any shutdowns. They provided advice regarding dealing with “brown water” (which may happen off and on during the work) – running the cold-water bathtub tap in the highest bathroom to clear “brown” is advised, as tub facets, unlike sink facets, do not have strainer filters that can get clogged.

We can sign up now for mobile notification of relevant shutdowns via the WSSC Customer Notification System link at wsscwater.com

No parking will be permitted on streets with “active” construction. All roads will be accessible at all times, however there may be temporary closures or delays, e.g., when bringing in big pipes.

New water mains will be placed under the pavement (not on county rights-of-way contiguous with front lawns, where some mains are now located). “Service lines” from the mains to homes will be replaced – either to the home (if you have a water meter inside your home – which is rare), or to the “curb box” (which is a circular piece, about 6″ in diameter). Older houses may have a galvanized pipe running from the curb box to the home; we were advised to consult a plumber (always best to get multiple bids) regarding updating that with copper pipe. The service life of those galvanized lines, like the service life of the original water mains, is over; they may leak, and it’s less expensive to replace the pipe before having to pay a surprise bill for a big water leak that you didn’t know about until you got your three-month water bill.

Some trees will be taken down where the trees compromise the piping; we are awaiting an estimate of how many.

After the work is done, affected roads will be resurfaced, and yards restored. Work will be done in 3-4 “phases,” each of which must be substantially complete, before the contractor moves on to the next phase.

The WSSC representatives were very courteous, willing to answer questions, and to work with our community. Project staff are:
Wanpin Lee – Project Manager – phone 301-206-8532 Wanpin.Lee@wsscwater.com
Kevin Lethbridge – Construction Manager – phone 301-206-7339 Kevin.Lethbridge@wsscwater.com
Stephen Billingsley – Contract Manager – phone 301-206-7363 Stephen.Billingsley@wsscwater.com
Brandon Stewart – Customer Advocate – phone 301-642-1712 Brandon.Stewart@wsscwater.com
Joseph Danquah – Design Engineer – phone 240-547-1127 Joseph.Danquah@ebaengineering.com

As the time grows closer to construction, they will be willing to have another meeting with the community.

With best regards,
Jim Pekar
President, RCHCA

P.S. Here’s one of our neighborhood’s youngest residents, with her mother, early Friday:

Notice of WSSC Community Meeting July 21, 2016

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Dear neighbors,

Please see forwarded email below.
As our listserv does not handle attachments, I’ve put the two files provided – a list of addresses, and a map – on dropbox, where you can find  them at:

With best regards,
Jim P.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Joseph Danquah <joseph.danquah@ebaengineering.com>
Date: Wed, Jun 22, 2016 at 3:02 PM
Subject: RE: Kensington Water Main Replacement- Community Meeting July 21 ,
To: Jim Pekar <jjpekar@gmail.com>
Cc: “Lee, Wanpin” <Wanpin.Lee@wsscwater.com>, Matthew Pasowicz < mpasowicz@kensingtonretirement.com>, Mary Mell < mmell@kensingtonretirement.com>


Attached, you will find the list of homes/properties that will be affected by Kensington Water Main replacement work including Work area map . We would like to know if *Rock Creek Hills Citizens’ Association* will be able to communicate with residents on our behalf to attend community meeting on July 21, 2016. We prefer it this way because associations know their communities better and are able to communicate with them the way they know their communities. Below, I have provided an invitation message to the residents. Please let me know if it can be done.


*Message of invitation to residents*:

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) invites you to a Community Meeting on Thursday, *July 21, 2016 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm* at the *Kensington Park Retirement Community *(*3620 Littledale Rd, Kensington, MD 20895*). The Community meeting is being held to provide an overview of the water main replacement project planned for the Kensington neighborhood, and present you with an opportunity to ask questions. For more information or questions, please call the WSSC at *301-206-8532 * and speak *to
Ms. Wanpin Lee.*

*Joseph Danquah, PE*| Project Manager

EBA Engineering, Inc.

*d.* 240.547.1127 | *c.* 410.940.8918 | Joseph.Danquah@ebaengineering.com

14405 Laurel Place, Suite 300 | Laurel, MD 20707 | www.ebaengineering.com

Kensington Parkway Water Main Replacement

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Dear neighbors,

We’ve been contacted by EBA Engineering, contractors for WSSC, about plans to replace water mains in our neighborhood.

They’re planning to hold a community meeting to present and discuss this project. The meeting is tentatively scheduled for the 21st of July.

They’ve provided a map showing the affected areas. You can see the document at:

I will keep you updated as we hear more from EBA.

With best regards,
Jim Pekar
President, Rock Creek Hills Citizens’ Association

RSVP: can you join the party on Sunday?

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Hi party goers,

Please RSVP (reply to Erica only – ericahertzweiss@gmail.com) if you can come to the Neighborhood Spring Fling on Sunday, May 15 (Kensington Cabin Park from 4-7pm), and let me know how many guests we can expect from your group. We’d like to get a sense of how much food to order from Moby Dick House of Kabob.

We’re also excited to have our hometown band, the Super Lucky Elephant with Jon Watkins on-hand to play for us!

“Stuff” to bring to the party:

– picnic blankets to sit on, chairs, your Frisbee, lawn toys (dare we say bug spray -?)
– a pot-luck dish to share
– lots of sunshine please!

We hope to see you there,

– Erica, Randi & Jennie
(your neighborhood party planing team)

REMINDER: RCHCA meeting 7:30 PM on Thursday, June 2nd

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There has been a room change for tonight’s meeting at Grace Episcopal Day School at 9411 Connecticut Ave. Instead of using the Multipurpose Room, we will be meeting in the Library.

Dear neighbors,

At the April 12th RCHCA meeting, there was support for convening another meeting in the near future, in order to address concerns regarding plans by the State Highway Administration (SHA) to build a creekside salt barn (see below) at the Connecticut Avenue cloverleaf of the Capital Beltway, as well as concerns regarding ongoing utility work and its impacts on homes & yards. Accordingly, we have scheduled a RCHCA meeting for 7:30 PM on Thursday, June 2nd, at Grace Episcopal Day School on Connecticut Avenue.

A proposed agenda for this meeting is:

I. Hydrology of Rock Creek Hills
1. Silver Creek & Rock Creek
2. Middle school: Environmental impact
3. Salt barn project: Environmental impact
4. Rain gardens & tax credits

II. Construction Disruptions in Rock Creek Hills
1. Middle school construction
2. Gas line replacement
3. Sewer line replacement
4. Possible replacement of water mains
5. Possible installation of sidewalks
6. Salt barn project

Regarding SHA’s proposed salt barn:
• Two weeks ago, RCHCA member Jim Chambers (a retired federal fisheries biologist) and I wrote and submitted an Op-Ed to the Washington Post. It was not accepted or published, but you can read it here: <https://www.scribd.com/doc/310619291/Earth-Day-2016>. We stand by what we’ve written there; however:
• Analysis by John Robinson, RCHCA past-president and former Associate Director of the Montgomery County Planning Board, indicates that RCH residents & RCHCA lack standing to take legal action to block the project. We plan to review this finding with a land-use attorney.
• Analysis by Chris Muffels, RCHCA member and professional hydrologist/hydrogeologist, indicates that SHA’s plans provide for state-of-the-art protection of Rock Creek, enabled by the relatively large size of the site, and that alternative sites considered by SHA are located near homes that appear to draw their drinking water from wells (and thus would presumably be worse places to locate such a facility).

Thanks to the many of you who devoted a recent rainy Saturday morning to cleaning up Silver Creek! Thanks to Laura Dennis, who worked with the Rock Creek Conservancy to have our community “adopt” Silver Creek, for organizing the cleanup!

I hope to see you on June 2nd.

With best regards,
Jim Pekar
President, RCHCA