Neighborhood Party!! Sunday (10/28): 3:00/3:30 pm Parade/ 4pm Party

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 RCHCA Halloween Party – THIS SUNDAY 🎃!!
  • 👻Costume Parade: 3:00PM meet in the Lobby of the the Kensington Park Senior Center: Highland’s Bld. Start by giving some residents a smile, then at 3:30PM march with the Parade to the party (hopefully lead by Kensington Fire Truck!)   
  • 🎉Party!: 4:00PM at 3500 Saul Road  — Grilled foods will be served along with yummy contributions from generous neighbors. NO need to plan dinner. 

THANK YOU to everyone who’s signed-up to share a dish or help with party activities!! – If you haven’t signed-up but would like to help too… please bring a salad, appetizer, or say “hi” to a new neighbor.👋

See you then!!

Please sign-up to help at the “RCHCA Halloween Party 2018” OCTOBER 28th!!

We’ve set everything up… but we need some amazing neighbors to lead the Halloween Parade, help with set-up/clean-up, and help bring some things to share.




The Road Ahead

By | Board Correspondence, From the RCHCA Officers

Dear neighbors,

There appear to be a lot of rumors floating around and suspicions
being voiced regarding traffic calming, stop signs, and sidewalks.

No final decisions have been made by RCHCA with respect to how to
proceed with any changes to the neighborhood based on currently
proposed projects in these areas, and–to our knowledge–no final
decisions have been made by County officials. Nor do any appear

The shared goal of the current RCHCA Board and the nominees for the
new Board is to create and implement a process for working through
these issues. We look forward to the presentation from Mr. Bilgrami on
traffic calming and intersection modifications, scheduled for next
month’s RCHCA meeting, November 27th in the Silver Creek Middle School
cafeteria, beginning at 8 PM. Please note that presentation and
discussion of proposed plans for sidewalks will NOT take place at this
meeting, but has been deferred to a subsequent meeting.

Regarding proposals for sidewalks, we will strive to implement a
process that provides everyone in the community with notice and
opportunity to have input into all proposals for action that are ready
for full consideration by the neighborhood. After the warranted
processes of input and revision have been completed, all proposals
that are developed and ultimately considered for implementation will
be put in front of the RCHCA community for a vote.

All members of the community remain free to seek out information to
which they are legally entitled, from County sources or elsewhere. And
they have the right to express their views and to request others’
input. This is part of the democratic process, even when it is done by
those with views that we do not share.

We will host community-wide meetings to address these matters; seek
compromises where they appear reasonable and achievable; and vote on
whatever plans are ultimately put forth for final consideration.

Jim Pekar
President, RCHCA
on behalf of the current & nominated RCHCA Board members

RCHCA Autumn Meeting @ Silver Creek Middle School: 8 PM, Tuesday, November 27th

By | From the RCHCA Officers, Meetings, RCHCA Biz

Dear neighbors,

The next meeting of the Rock Creek Hills Citizens’ Association will take place at 8 PM on Tuesday, November 27th 2018, in the cafeteria of Silver Creek Middle School. Please enter at the school’s main (lower) entrance.

Aside from approval of the previous meeting’s minutes, a treasurer’s report, and a covenants report, there are two principal agenda items:

1. Election of new officers.
Thanks to the nominating committee, the proposed slate of new officers is: PRESIDENT Peter Chatfield; VICE PRESIDENT Hill Carter; TREASURER John Robinson; SECRETARY Elizabeth & William Kingery. (The Kingerys will get one vote on the board, which is comprised of the four officers and the past-President.)

2. Presentation of proposed plans for traffic calming and intersection modifications, followed by Q&A, and discussion.
The presentation will be made by Khursheed Bilgrami, Acting Section Chief, Traffic Engineering Studies Section, Division of Traffic Engineering and Operations, Montgomery County Department of Transportation.

(Please note that presentation and discussion of proposed plans for sidewalks will NOT take place at this meeting, but has been deferred to a subsequent meeting.)

Only dues-paid members may vote at the meeting. If you have not paid your dues for 2018, you may mail a check payable to “RCHCA” to our Treasurer, Ms. Maria Marzullo, at 9801 East Bexhill Drive, Kensington, MD 20895; pay online at <>; or pay in person at the meeting.

If you know of any other items that should be on the agenda, please notify any board member.

Notice of this meeting will be sent by US Postal Service to all homes in Rock Creek Hills.

Hope to see you on the 27th!

Jim Pekar
President, RCHCA

Please Help! Halloween Party – no planners, no party!

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Hello fellow neighbors,

For well over 20 years (am I right Marylin?) this neighborhood has enjoyed a wonderfully festive Halloween Party. The kids costumes are so cute, the family-style potluck meal is so nice … could it be that no one wants to take charge this year to make it happen?! (If you’re curious about it, rest assured that we’ll tell you everything you need to know! Easy!)

Please consider taking charge this year to keep the spirit alive. We could use a little “community love” right now -and this is a great way to enjoy it.

Warmly, your retiring Party Planners:
Erica, Randi & Jennie

Coordinator needed for RCH Fall/Spring Gatherings

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Hi Neighbors!

After coordinating the fall and spring gatherings for our community the past few years, we are looking to hand it over to other folks. The gatherings are relatively easy to plan, and neighbors often offer to help!

Please email me back if you are willing to step into this position and we could provide you with all the information.

Sadly, the parties will not go on without a coordinator.

Randi, Erica & Jennie

FYI, sidewalk requests received by the County

By | From the RCHCA Officers, RCHCA Biz, Traffic & Safety

Dear neighbors,

As George Knippen wrote yesterday, the County received several requests for sidewalks to improve pedestrian safety in our neighborhood, especially for students accessing the new school.

(Please note that individuals can submit multiple requests.)

At Mr. Knippen’s request, the County provided an “anonymized” (that is, with personally-identifying information obscured) copy of their file of those sidewalk requests.

As that anonymization was imperfect, we have further anonymized the document (that is, we’ve overlaid a few black boxes) before posting it for your information.

Please see: SidewalkRequests_Anonymized upd

Please find here the text of a letter that will be sent by first-class mail to all households in Rock Creek Hills.

By | From the RCHCA Officers

September 5, 2018

Dear Neighbors,

What has your Board been up to since our March 2018 meeting? We have approved several applications for fence construction and home improvement projects, one application for solar panel installation, and have intervened with a developer whose neglect of a lot had caused concern among its neighbors. Additionally, we have received numerous communications regarding the County’s proposals for enhanced pedestrian safety. While these communications express disparate views – some call for more sidewalks, some fewer, some none – one thing they have in common is that many were sent by neighbors who have not paid their Association dues for the year 2018. Likewise, at this summer’s fun party held in Kensington Cabin Park, our Treasurer decided to stop asking guests whether they had paid their dues, because it became embarrassing to hear so many negative responses. Please note that your dues are the only support that your Association receives to support our valuable community building efforts, including two welcoming neighborhood parties per year, mailings to keep everyone informed, and other administrative costs. If you have not yet paid your dues, please do so..

At our October 2017 meeting, we reported that most of the Board – your President, Secretary, and Treasurer – wish to step down, and be replaced with new officers. However, the election of new officers was deferred from the January 2018 meeting to permit wrapping up a number of items under way at the time. Elections also did not take place at the March 2018 meeting, because no one volunteered to serve in these positions, in spite of the best efforts of our Nominating Committee. At this point, the members of your Board – who were first elected in the Winter of 2014, except for your Treasurer, who joined in 2013 – are serving out of goodwill, almost one year after we asked to be replaced.

While the current Board has the authority to address all business, we feel that it would be better for the matters now at hand – traffic calming, pedestrian safety, abandoned houses and unkempt yards – to be handled by officers with the added legitimacy that would come from not having been elected before these issues came to the fore. Accordingly, we look forward to scheduling the next general meeting of the Association after a slate of new officers has been assembled. (Mr. John Robinson has agreed to stand as Treasurer, and Mr. Hill Carter has agreed to stay on as Vice President, so just two people are needed, to serve as President and Secretary.) At that meeting, new officers would be elected by the membership, and then handle business at hand, especially review and discussion of the County’s proposals for intersection modifications, traffic calming, and enhanced pedestrian safety.

Sincerely yours,
James J. Pekar, Ph.D.
President, Rock Creek Hills Citizens’ Association

• Letter of March 2018, reporting on settlement of litigation.
• Pre-addressed envelope in which you can mail your 2018 dues, which are $40 per household; please note these can also be paid online at

Response from County Re Sidewalk Package

By | RCHCA Biz, Traffic & Safety

From: “Roshdieh, Al” <>
Date: August 20, 2018 at 9:15:09 AM CDT
To: Jim Pekar <>
Cc: “Kingsley, Frank” <>, “Conklin, Christopher” <>, “Jeffrey, Heather” <>, “” <>
Subject: RE: Transportation Safety & Improvements in Rock Creek HIlls



  1. Rock Creek Hills SW Satellite Map (Silver Creek MS)
  2. Rock Creek Hills SW Map (Silver Creek MS)


  1. Impacts – Old Spring Rd (10000 E Bexhill – 3601 Saul)
  2. Impacts – Kent St_
  3. Impacts – Old Spring Rd (9712 thru 9624)
  4. Addresses – Residents Impacted
  5. Impacts – Kent (3306 Kent – 10001 E Bexhill)
  6. Impacts – East Bexhill
  7. Impacts – Old Spring Rd (9501 thru 9716)
  8. Impacts – Saul Road (upd)

Dear Dr. Pekar:

Thank you for your e-mail expressing your concerns and those of the Civic Association regarding the “sidewalk package” forwarded by our office to some, but not all residents in the Rock Creek Hills neighborhood.  

The sidewalk package is simply an initial notification to impacted residents that the county is considering construction of a sidewalk on their property.  It is the practice of the Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) to forward the sidewalk notification package to only those residents whose property will be affected when and if the sidewalk is built.  Although you reside directly across the street from the proposed sidewalk, your property will not be directly impacted by the construction, and therefore, you are among those that were not sent the sidewalk package.  I have attached a copy of the Impacts sheet in relation to the Rock Creek Hills proposed sidewalk, showing those addresses which will be impacted in the event the sidewalk is built.  Likewise, I have attached a copy of those residents to whom the sidewalk package was sent.

This is the beginning of the sidewalk process.  Please rest assured that, before sidewalk construction, there will be a public hearing at which anyone can participate, ask questions, and provide testimony in support or opposition to the sidewalk construction, no matter their proximity to its location. 

The public hearing is not yet scheduled, so an extension of the deadline to submit the Comments & Feedback Survey Form has been extended to Friday, September 14, 2018, as requested.  I would appreciate it if you would circulate the new deadline to your fellow residents in the Rock Creek Hills neighborhood.

I hope I have answered your questions and put you at more ease.  If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Frank Kingsley at (240-777-7213) or email at  



Al R. Roshdieh, Director

Department of Transportation

Montgomery County, Maryland


Sidewalk Packet from the County

By | RCHCA Biz, Traffic & Safety

Many neighbors have received a sidewalk packet from the county.  Hopefully we’ll soon receive the County’s “sidewalk packet” in electronic form, but for now, please find photos of the cover letter, response form, and maps at:


The packet also includes a twelve-page document specifying proposed work at each affected address.

We’ve requested that the response deadline be extended to mid-September.  Please see email (below) from RCHCA president to the county:

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Jim Pekar <>
Date: Wed, Aug 15, 2018 at 6:03 PM
Subject: Re: Transportation Safety & Improvements in Rock Creek HIlls
To: “Roshdieh, Al” <>
Cc: “Johnston, Bruce” <>, “Kingsley,
Frank” <>, “Conklin, Christopher” <>, “Jeffrey, Heather” <>,

Dear Mr. Roshdieh,

Some neighbors have recently received a “sidewalk packet” from the County.
However, many have not. I have not received one, nor have I seen the
traffic operations and pedestrian safety report & recommendations that had
been expected in June.

My understanding is that the packet indicates that the deadline for
comments is in two weeks. However, many neighbors are vacationing in late
August. I am grateful to see that progress is being made, but concerned
that many in our community may question whether they were afforded adequate
opportunity to comment.

Please could you extend the deadline for receipt of comments until
September 14th? We can use electronic means to distribute your
request-for-comments to our community.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
James J. Pekar, Ph.D.
President, Rock Creek Hills Citizens’ Association