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The website for Rock Creek Hills Citizens’ Association was converted recently to a WordPress platform. Some of the older newsletter and minutes and other documents may not be available at this time. All efforts have been made to maintain the same information as was available in the old website, however, if you see anything that is missing or a link that may not be working properly, please email Sam Hoxie.

We will not be allowing comments.  Please use the ‘Send Question or Comment‘ page if you want to send any questions or comments to the Board.

Special Meeting Regarding Proposed Middle School Location in Rock Creek Hills

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Special Meeting Regarding Proposed Middle School Location in Rock Creek Hills • Tuesday, May 17, 7:30pm-9:30pm • North Chevy Chase Elementary School • 3700 Jones Bridge Road, Chevy Chase

There will be a special meeting of the Rock Creek Hills Citizens Association to address the Board of Education’s April 28, 2011 decision to conduct a feasibility study of whether to build a new middle school in Rock Creek Hills at the site of our local park, Rock Creek Hills Local Park. A vote will be taken on this important matter and the result will be forwarded, with Board comment, to the appropriate County officials. The board staff will attend. There is substantial disagreement on this matter. Those opposing the proposed school emphasize what will likely be the loss of virtually all recreational facilities, the probable limitations to buffering, and the possible problems with traffic circulation and staff parking. Those supporting the construction point to the benefits for neighborhood children from walking to their school or from having a much shorter bus ride compared to the alternative of a new school in the Rosemary Hills area in east Silver Spring. In accordance with the covenants, only RCHCA residents, with current, paid dues may vote at this meeting. The Board has no position in this matter and will abide the decision of our members.

Rock Creek Hills to Organize Neighbor Watch Group

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On May 5, the County Police Officer Denise Gill spoke at a Rock Creek Hills Citizens Association meeting, explaining how to prevent home and car break-ins and other crimes via Neighborhood Watch (NW) programs. After a number of recent incidents, residents concerned about the likely increase during the warm weather seasons are beginning to organize NW groups. Some NW groups have been active years ago in Rock Creek Hills, but need to be re-started. Aware and alert neighbors provide the best line of defense against these crimes of opportunity. This won’t happen without volunteers. For residents interested in learning more, and possibly willing to become NW block captains, please call Jacquie Borda at 301-587-0235.

A Message from our Treasurer

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185 of the 600 or so households in Rock Creek Hills have paid 2011
dues. Total collected so far: $6,475
Dues are voluntary, but if you want to contribute please send a $35
check payable to RCHCA. Address the envelope:

3103 Kent Street
Kensington, MD 20895

Residents often send an extra $10-$20, which is used to maintain the
few common areas in the neighborhood.

Thank you,

David Hall
RCHCA Treasurer