Subject: Superintendent’s Recommended Capital Improvements Program (CIP)

All –

Here is Superintendent Starr’s FY2013 recommended capital budget, which
includes the proposed construction of Bethesda-Chevy Middle School #2.

[Excerpts from email to John Robinson from Bruce Crispell, Director, Division of Long-range Planning, Montgomery County Public Schools]

[The]Ā superintendent is releasing his Recommended
FY 2013 Capital Budget and FY 2013-2018 Capital Improvements Program (CIP)
today. The recommendation includes the construction of Bethesda-Chevy Chase
Middle School #2 at the Rock Creek Hills Local Park site. The link below
will take you to the document. If you go to Chapter 4, Bethesda-Chevy Chase
Cluster, you can read about the recommendation. Please advise your
association members of the recommendation.

The Board of Education review process now begins. Following are the dates
coming up:

November 2, 2011 – Board work session to review the CIP recommendation

November 10 & 14, 1011 – Board of Education public hearings – call
301-279-3617 to sign up to testify

November 17, 2011 – Board action on the CIP

As you probably know, after the Board acts the request goes over to the
county executive for his review. His recommendations go to the County
Council in mid-January 2012. The County Council then reviews, holds
hearings, and acts by the end of May.