Information on 2011 Leaf Collections for Rock Creek Hills


Excerpts from the website:

The 2011 Leaf Collection Season will begin the first or second week in November, 2011.

If your home is not in the Leaf Collection District, click here for information to become included in the Leaf Collection Program.

The Leaf Collection Program continues for 6 to 8 weeks, and includes postings for 2 scheduled pick-ups.

First collection. We will post green signs throughout the work areas several days before our crews’ arrival. We will attempt to allow a weekend for residents to rake their leaves to the edge of the road for vacuum pick-up. Signs will be removed after our crews complete each street.

The second and final fall collection will begin after Thanksgiving. The timing will depend on weather conditions. Red signs will indicate that this is the final collection. The same posting, collection, and sign removal procedures are used for both vacuum collections.

If you believe that your leaves may have been missed, please contact the MC311 call center by clicking in the MC311 logo on the left or by dialing 311. Additionally, you may call DHS at 240-777-7623.

The actual collection of the leaves can be affected by rain, snow and ice. These factors may cause a longer than normal collection effort. Depending on the severity of the inclement weather (which affects the ability of our leaf vacuums to collect leaves) other means of collection, such as front-end loaders, may be employed.

Residents Should:

  • Note the information on the posted signs
  • Rake leaves to the road edge (see pictures) or place leaves in paper yard waste bags.
  • Leaves placed in plastic bags will not be collected.
  • Keep parked vehicles away from leaf piles

Residents Should Not:

  • Place leaf piles in the street
  • Place sticks or other debris in the leaves
  • Place leaves in plastic bags
  • Block access to leaf piles by parking cars on or in front of leaf piles