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Response from County Re Sidewalk Package

By | RCHCA Biz, Traffic & Safety

From: “Roshdieh, Al” <>
Date: August 20, 2018 at 9:15:09 AM CDT
To: Jim Pekar <>
Cc: “Kingsley, Frank” <>, “Conklin, Christopher” <>, “Jeffrey, Heather” <>, “” <>
Subject: RE: Transportation Safety & Improvements in Rock Creek HIlls



  1. Rock Creek Hills SW Satellite Map (Silver Creek MS)
  2. Rock Creek Hills SW Map (Silver Creek MS)


  1. Impacts – Old Spring Rd (10000 E Bexhill – 3601 Saul)
  2. Impacts – Kent St_
  3. Impacts – Old Spring Rd (9712 thru 9624)
  4. Addresses – Residents Impacted
  5. Impacts – Kent (3306 Kent – 10001 E Bexhill)
  6. Impacts – East Bexhill
  7. Impacts – Old Spring Rd (9501 thru 9716)
  8. Impacts – Saul Road (upd)

Dear Dr. Pekar:

Thank you for your e-mail expressing your concerns and those of the Civic Association regarding the “sidewalk package” forwarded by our office to some, but not all residents in the Rock Creek Hills neighborhood.  

The sidewalk package is simply an initial notification to impacted residents that the county is considering construction of a sidewalk on their property.  It is the practice of the Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) to forward the sidewalk notification package to only those residents whose property will be affected when and if the sidewalk is built.  Although you reside directly across the street from the proposed sidewalk, your property will not be directly impacted by the construction, and therefore, you are among those that were not sent the sidewalk package.  I have attached a copy of the Impacts sheet in relation to the Rock Creek Hills proposed sidewalk, showing those addresses which will be impacted in the event the sidewalk is built.  Likewise, I have attached a copy of those residents to whom the sidewalk package was sent.

This is the beginning of the sidewalk process.  Please rest assured that, before sidewalk construction, there will be a public hearing at which anyone can participate, ask questions, and provide testimony in support or opposition to the sidewalk construction, no matter their proximity to its location. 

The public hearing is not yet scheduled, so an extension of the deadline to submit the Comments & Feedback Survey Form has been extended to Friday, September 14, 2018, as requested.  I would appreciate it if you would circulate the new deadline to your fellow residents in the Rock Creek Hills neighborhood.

I hope I have answered your questions and put you at more ease.  If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Frank Kingsley at (240-777-7213) or email at  



Al R. Roshdieh, Director

Department of Transportation

Montgomery County, Maryland


Sidewalk Packet from the County

By | RCHCA Biz, Traffic & Safety

Many neighbors have received a sidewalk packet from the county.  Hopefully we’ll soon receive the County’s “sidewalk packet” in electronic form, but for now, please find photos of the cover letter, response form, and maps at:


The packet also includes a twelve-page document specifying proposed work at each affected address.

We’ve requested that the response deadline be extended to mid-September.  Please see email (below) from RCHCA president to the county:

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Jim Pekar <>
Date: Wed, Aug 15, 2018 at 6:03 PM
Subject: Re: Transportation Safety & Improvements in Rock Creek HIlls
To: “Roshdieh, Al” <>
Cc: “Johnston, Bruce” <>, “Kingsley,
Frank” <>, “Conklin, Christopher” <>, “Jeffrey, Heather” <>,

Dear Mr. Roshdieh,

Some neighbors have recently received a “sidewalk packet” from the County.
However, many have not. I have not received one, nor have I seen the
traffic operations and pedestrian safety report & recommendations that had
been expected in June.

My understanding is that the packet indicates that the deadline for
comments is in two weeks. However, many neighbors are vacationing in late
August. I am grateful to see that progress is being made, but concerned
that many in our community may question whether they were afforded adequate
opportunity to comment.

Please could you extend the deadline for receipt of comments until
September 14th? We can use electronic means to distribute your
request-for-comments to our community.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
James J. Pekar, Ph.D.
President, Rock Creek Hills Citizens’ Association

Rock Creek Hills Neighborhood SPRING FLING: RESCHEDULED 5/28/18

By | Social Events

Event has been rescheduled!

We hope to see you at the rescheduled RCH Spring Fling!

Date: May 28
Time: 5:00 -7:30pm
Where: Kensington Cabin Park
What: Food, Games and The Kona Ice Truck 

Light food will be provided.

Last name A-L: Appetizers 
Last names: M-Z: Desserts 

Hope the weather participates and that we will see you there.

Jennie, Randi & Erica

* Reminder, we can’t throw our annual Halloween party of Spring Fling without your dues, so please do sign onto to to contribute.

Jennie, Randi and Erica [


Come Meet RCH Nominating Committee and Learn about How You can Help RCHCA

By | Neighborhood Notices, Volunteer

This Saturday, February 10, 4-5:30pm

Meet the RCH nominating committee, current officers and neighbors. Learn how you might play a role in shaping, leading and protecting our neighborhood community…
Winnie and John Holbrooke’s
9823 Haverhill Drive (at the corner of Littledale)

If you can’t make it and are interested in participating, please let us know… Call: 301-509-8097

Winnie Holbrooke

Save the Date: Winter RCHCA meeting 7:30 PM Monday, 12 March, at Grace Episcopal Day School

By | Board Correspondence, Meetings

Dear neighbors,

The Winter 2018 meeting of the Rock Creek Hills Citizens’ Association will be held at 7:30 PM on Monday, March 12th, at Grace Episcopal Day School, 9411 Connecticut Avenue.

Agenda items are:

• Pedestrian Safety and Streetscape Improvements.
An update will be provided on correspondence with the County Transportation Department regarding possible sidewalks, traffic calming, and intersection modifications.

• Permit Parking.
An update will be provided on requests for Permit Parking near the Middle School.

• Environmental Update.
An update will be provided on correspondence with the County Parks Department regarding enhancing stream bank protection for Silver Creek. Also, the Middle School plans to hold a Creek Cleanup event in the Spring.

• Neighborhood Signage Update.
An update will be provided on proposed neighborhood signage.

• Covenants Update.
An update will be provided on efforts to reach a settlement in the fence litigation.

• Nominating Committee Update.
Please note that the election of officers will be deferred until the Spring meeting of the RCHCA, in order to allow time for settlement of the fence litigation.

If you have any agenda items for the meeting, please inform any Board member.

A mailing announcing the meeting will go out to all homes in Rock Creek Hills. Please note that only dues-paid members will be able to vote at the meeting. Dues are $40 per household per calendar year and may be paid by check at the meeting, online at, and by mail to Ms. Maria Marzullo, RCHCA Treasurer, 9801 East Bexhill Drive, Kensington MD 20895. Additional contributions are always welcome.

See you on the 12th of March!

Thank you.

With best regards,
Jim Pekar
President, RCHCA

Transportation Safety & Improvements in Rock Creek HIlls

By | From the RCHCA Officers, Traffic & Safety

Dear neighbors,

Please find below the response we received today, from the Director of the
Montgomery County Department of Transportation, to our email of last month,
which you may read at

With best regards,
Jim Pekar
President, Rock Creek Hills Citizens’ Association

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Roshdieh, Al <>
Date: Mon, Dec 18, 2017 at 2:56 PM
Subject: RE: Transportation Safety & Improvements in Rock Creek HIlls
To: “” <>
Cc: “Johnston, Bruce” <>, “Conklin,
Christopher” <>, “Berliner’s
Office, Councilmember” <>,
“Bilgrami, Khursheed” <>,
“Kingsley, Frank” <>, “Melvin, Janet” <>, “” <>

Dear Mr. Pekar:

Thank you for your email dated November 9, 2017, concerning Rock Creek
Hills community’s request to conduct an area transportation study including
sidewalk installation, implementing access restrictions, implementing
traffic calming and improving geometry at two intersections within your
community. Montgomery County has been at the forefront of a regional
effort to improve pedestrian and traffic safety and we are proud of the
significant improvements that have been made over the last few years. I
applaud your efforts to bring traffic and pedestrian safety issues to our
attention so that we can continue with our efforts to improve safety for
all road users in the County.

Our Division of Traffic Engineering and Operations (DTEO) will conduct a
comprehensive investigation to determine the possibility of installing
several improvements that were outlined in your email. After completing
the investigation, DTEO staff will get back to you with their findings and

If you have any questions regarding traffic and operations, please feel
free to contact Mr. Khursheed Bilgrami, in our Division of Traffic
Engineering and Operation, at or
at 240-777-2190 <(240)%20777-2190>.

The Division of Transportation Engineering (DTE) manages the Annual
Sidewalk Program for MCDOT. The main goal of the Annual Sidewalk Program
is to provide safer access for pedestrians and handicap citizens to schools
and nearby public transportation and/or facilities.

DTE is currently in the process of conducting on-site investigations along
the roadways requested in your letter to determine whether or not
installing new sidewalks are feasible. If the investigations reveal
sidewalk construction is feasible (available public right-of-way, no
significant obstructions to prevent construction, etc.), DTE will notify
you and the adjacent property owners with details of the project and the
construction impacts associated with the proposed sidewalk. Details will
be made available after all investigations are complete.

As part of the entire sidewalk construction process, a public hearing will
be required. The public hearing allows citizens an opportunity to present
oral and/or written testimony to support or oppose a proposed sidewalk
project. The entire process can require six months or more to complete.
If you have any questions regarding the status of your request or for
information to install new sidewalks, please contact Frank Kingsley, Annual
Sidewalk Program Manager, by e-mail at
or call 240-777-7213 <(240)%20777-7213>. For information concerning the
public hearing, process you can contact Jan Melvin by e-mail at or call 240-777-7271 <(240)%20777-7271>.


*Al R. Roshdieh, Director*

*Department of Transportation*

*Montgomery County, MD*

* <>*

Tel: 240-777-7175 <(240)%20777-7175>