Rock Creek Hills needs YOU!

Dear neighbors,

The Rock Creek Hills Citizens’ Association (RCHCA) plays a major role in the quality of life we enjoy in Rock Creek Hills*.

As you may know, the Board of the RCHCA consists of five officers: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, & Past-President.

However, Mr. Peter Chatfield, who has served admirably as President, has moved from the neighborhood. Accordingly, Mr. Hill Carter, who was Vice-President, is now Acting President. Additionally, Mr. John Robinson, Treasurer, and Ms. Fern Shepard, Secretary, both intend to resign effective April first.

So please, we need volunteers to serve as Vice President, Secretary, & Treasurer! Please let any board member know if you would be interested. (Also, Hill would be happy to return to the VP role, if someone wants to volunteer to serve as President.)

Unfortunately, given ongoing pandemic-related restrictions on the use of spaces where we might meet, it is not clear when we will be able to hold a general meeting and elect a new slate of officers. So we truly need volunteers now, to be appointed by the current board.

We are grateful to the devoted volunteers who run the RCHCA email list & website & neighborhood directory, who welcome new residents, who care for traffic triangles, and who organize neighborhood events & gatherings! Now we need volunteers to ensure that the Board, and the Association, can continue to serve the neighborhood.

Jim Pekar
Past President, RCHCA