Updated Printed Directory

Rock Creek Hills Citizens’ Association is in communication with AtoZ Connect about printing an updated directory this summer.  We ask that everyone logon to the online directory to ensure that the information for your household is correct.  The online directory will allow you to edit your entry, change whether your information is displayed in the online directory, add additional household members, and view directory information for others in Rock Creek Hills.  The link to the online directory is: https://rchca.membershiptoolkit.com

If you do not have credentials to access the online directory, please contact Mike Baker ([email protected]).

Please note that the online directory and RCHCAnet are two independent systems, each having its own credentials.

Advertising Opportunity (Contact Michele Delgadillo at [email protected])

To offset the cost of printing the directory, we will be accepting advertisements.  Advertising in the directory is a great way to show your support for RCHCA and give all who receive a directory a chance, in turn, to support your business or service.

Advertising opportunities available include:

  • Full page ($350)
  • Half page ($225)
  • Premium advertising
    • The back cover ($800)
    • Inside front or back cover ($650), and
    • Divider pages ($500).

There are also digital advertising opportunities starting at $250.

For more information or to reserve your space, please contact Michele Delgadillo at [email protected]