RCHCA Online News – October 2015

Rock Creek Hills Citizens‚Äô Association Newsletter ‚Äď Fall Meeting ‚Äď October 2015

The Fall Meeting of the Rock Creek Hills Citizens‚Äô Association will be held on Monday, October 26, at 7:30 PM, at Grace Episcopal Day School, 9411 Connecticut Avenue. The agenda will include the minutes of the last meeting, the treasurer‚Äôs report, discussion of the construction of the new middle school now underway on the Rock Creek Hills Park site (including stormwater management ‚Äústaging‚ÄĚ), the possible incorporation of Rock Creek Hills as a Class III entity, and an update on plans underway for an inter-generational Village program.

President’s Message
Construction started October 13 on the new middle school on the Rock Creek Hills Park site, after issuance of stormwater and erosion permits by the Maryland Department of the Environment. The new school is scheduled to open in August of 2017. Until then there will likely be issues of construction noise, environmental impacts, traffic, and parking. As a community we will closely monitor these with the aim of providing constructive comments to the school system, and if necessary, asking appropriate agencies to intervene on our behalf on specific issues that arise.

Although our efforts ‚Äď to direct the new school to a more suitable site, to enforce a proper land use review, to defend the park, and, most recently, to minimize traffic impacts and environmental damage ‚Äď did not succeed, they should be a source of pride. I am proud of our community‚Äôs sustained engagement on behalf of these goals, and the measured tone with which they were pursued. At this point, we need to focus on the changes the new school will bring, and on working together to seek best outcomes. I have always respected the range of opinion among neighbors, and I appreciate your support regardless of where you stood on the specific issues involved.

Next Year’s Officers
The current officers have all agreed to serve for another year to provide continuity as groundbreaking commences and to complete the updating of a number of administrative issues. The current officers & board members are: Jim Pekar, president; Hill Carter, vice-president; Maria Marzullo, treasurer; Jill Gallagher, secretary; John Robinson, past-president.

The Rock Creek Hills Directory
The new Rock Creek Hills directory has been distributed. To access the online directory go to <https://www.atozdirectories.com/home/login.php>. You will need a username and password to login. If you do not have one, you may email Sam Hoxie ([email protected]), include your name and address and she will email you your username. If you do not have computer access, please mail to 9711 E. Bexhill or call Sam 301-942-0743 with any new information. More information and links to access the real time, updated online directory may be found on our website, rchca.org.

Treasurer’s Report and Dues for this Calendar Year
As of publication the RCHCA checking account has a balance of $1,188.22, the savings account a balance of $5,530.95, and the litigation account a balance of $2,555.95. Thus total funds are $9,275.10. All invoices are paid, and due to further contributions, all legal expenses were paid without using the general operating funds available this year. Dues for the year 2015 are $40 and can be sent to Maria Marzullo at 9801 E. Bexhill Drive, Kensington, MD 20895; or paid online via the online directory, mentioned above; or bring your check to the October meeting.

Reminder to join the RCHCA email network
The Rock Creek Hills Citizens’ Association e-mail network, rchcanet, is for families of Rock Creek Hills. We urge everyone with email access to sign up for this, as it will allow information about the neighborhood, planned events, etc. to be easily disseminated to everyone in a timely manner. This communication forum is not intended to replace any existing communications. The instructions on how to join are posted on the RCHCA website, rchca.org, under the communications tab at the top of the website.

Halloween Parade and Party
The Halloween Parade and Party will be on Saturday, October 31. The costume parade begins at the corner of Little Dale Road and Haverhill Drive at 3:30 PM. The party is 4 PM to 6 PM at 3500 Saul Road, thanks to Sam Statland’s generosity. Requested dishes are as follows: A-I, appetizers; J-R, salads & sides; S-Z, desserts. See you there!

In Memory
We note the passing of Ann Elizabeth Statland, beloved mother and grandmother and wife of Sam Statland, well known for her grace and warm hospitality. Also, at our last meeting, we authorized the purchase and installation of an ornamental rock to be placed in the triangle at Old Spring Road and Elrod Roads, which, as noted in our February 2015 newsletter, had long been maintained by Fifi and Will Chase at their personal expense. The rock is installed, and is in remembrance of Will Chase, who passed in September, and of Fifi’s long residence in the community.

Other Items
There will be further discussion of the Village concept, the initial discussion of the possible incorporation of Rock Creek Hills as a Class III entity, and possible aesthetic improvements to the community, including signs and tree planting and preservation. Other suggestions are welcome.