Thanks & Kudos to the Halloween Helpers!

(and of course: Thank you to Sam Statland for his wonderful yard and sage advice – and the Emery family for being a big part of this party for what? 20 years?)

On Sun, Nov 1, 2015 at 8:13 AM, Erica Weiss <[email protected]> wrote:
The thanks should really go to a huge community effort! – It was especially great to see so many neighbors there –

Special thanks to Randi Wortman (my co-partner!) and family, the art table crew and their old ladies (Anne Levin and Laurie Seiler), our amazing set-up and clean-up crew (Evelyn Harleston & kids, the Eden, Marty and Sara Durbin dream-team with the amazing Bullis girls, my kids), our grill team (the Emery, Durbin, and Veillux teams – with guest appearances by George Boralese and others), several wonderful teenagers attempting to keep the bungee thing safe (the Bullis girls, Leila Veillux, Bella Purvis, and more), the Parade Leading Super Heroes (the Hatwells!), Our one man band with his stick-slapping side-mate, also leading the parade (Aaron Tiao and Rafa Valencia), Our sound system crew (the Watkins (with an “A” for effort!) & Morgans (rescue team)), many people bringing food to share and jumping-in to help on a moment’s notice (too many to mention) … and my endlessly helpful husband, Steve. — We have a TERRIFIC community. Thank you!

Next up: May Spring Fling!!

Please contact me or Randi if you’d like to take charge or help plan for our next community party. The more help, the better!

Cheers! (and enjoy this extra hour of rest today)
Erica (& Randi)