Thank you David Hall! RCHCA Treasurer Resigning Effective April 4, 2013

Dear neighbors:

I am resigning as treasurer of Rock Creek Hills Citizens Association effective April 4th, which is the date of our next general meeting. I have enjoyed my 3-year stint as treasurer. I felt that the work was worthwhile and interesting.

The treasurer’s job mostly entails handling dues payments, reconciling accounts, drafting very simple financial statements and writing checks to pay expenses throughout the year. The most time-consuming task is handling dues payments; however, this task occurs only one time per year, usually February. “Handling” means accepting payments, depositing payments at our nearby bank and updating our Dues Paid list.

I have been using Quickbooks. The new treasurer can takeover where I left off if this person owns Quickbooks software … for Windows or Mac. Accounting for the association can be done manually, too. Quickbooks is nice, but over-kill for our needs. I just happened to have it on my computer when I became treasurer. That said, QB made creating financial documents easy … click, click, done. Made keeping track of who is current with dues easy, too.

The RCHCA treasurer also wears a second hat. By tradition, the new treasurer will also be a member of the Board of Rock Creek Hills Covenants, Incorporated (RCHCI). RCHCI was organized in 1958 by RCHCA to take over the responsibilities and power over covenants in Rock Creek Hills from developers. This position is suited for anyone who has strong feelings either way about enforcement of covenants.

Please call or send an email if there are any questions.


David Hall