RCH Park Hearing Update from John Robinson

Dear Members,

Regarding the RCHCA litigation before Judge Rubin, the hearing scheduled for
tomorrow, Tuesday March 19, has been postponed until March 26 at 3:30.
There is no reason to believe that this is of any significance beyond a
conflict in the Court’s schedule.


John M. Robinson

Dear Members,

On March 15 there was a two hour hearing before Judge Rubin on the RCHCA
lawsuit regarding the proposed conversion of Rock Creek Hills Local Park to
school site use. The hearing was continued until March 19 for another two
hours beginning at 3:00. Please do not be concerned about this development.
Our counsel and your local litigation team believe that the continuance
reflects the Court’s efforts to render a well informed decision and is
consistent with our perception that we are receiving a fair hearing. This
does not mean that we will ultimately win on the merits, but given the
proceedings so far, we remain positive about the ultimate outcome of this
procedurally and substantively complex case.

My regards,

John M. Robinson

President, RCHCA