RCHCA Newsletter Publishing Vacancy – A Great Volunteer Opportunity!

The Association would like to thank Jed Dinger for his many years of service (7 years!!) in producing this visually appealing and informative communication tool!

We are searching for a volunteer neighbor to help produce our association newsletter. This newsletter is published three times a year, for the spring fall and winter issues. This is a good opportunity for someone who would like to get involved in the neighborhood
by volunteering, but prefers a role that’s clearly defined and predictable in it’s time commitment. It involves inserting the supplied text into the newsletter layout and
sending the electronic file to the printer. Our printer handles everything from
that point forward. We need someone to start with the Spring issue, and Jed Dinger
(our current publisher) will be available to assist with the orientation. Please direct
your inquiries to Jed Dinger by email: [email protected].