Rock Creek Hill Citizens’ Association Board Elections

Dear Neighbors,

It’s election time again!  It’s time to elect the Officers of the Board of the Rock Creek Hill Citizens’ Association.  Please consider getting involved in this great neighborhood.  

Board members are voted in at the first meeting of every new fiscal year.  This year the meeting will be virtual and those details will be sent along at a later date.

The RCHCA Board consists of:

President – chairs all meetings of the Association, enforces the constitution and rules of order, appoints the chairs of all standing committees and such other committees as may be approved by the Executive Committee.  

Vice President – Acts as President upon request or in the absence of the President

Secretary – Records the minutes of the meetings of the Association and Executive Committee.  Notifies all members of the time and place of regular and special meetings.  

Treasurer – collects all moneys and contributions due the Association and keeps a permanent record.  The Treasurer also cares for the funds and makes disbursements as requested by the Association or Executive Committee

(The Executive Committee is made up of the above Officers)

For more information on the Board, Committees and representatives please visit:

For the current Constitution and Bylaws:

Feel free to email me [email protected] if you have questions, comments, want to nominate someone or if you are interested in serving on the Board.

Please be so kind as to pass this information along to any neighbors who are not on the listserv. Thanks!

Please stay well and safe,

Betsy Kingery

Nominations, RCHCA