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Public Safety Alert from the County Police

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What is meant by

SUSPICIOUS can be any person, act, event or situation that appears questionable. Anytime someone or something “just doesn’t seem right to YOU”, that’s when YOU should call the POLICE

*Any stranger entering your neighbor’s unoccupied house could be a burglar
*Anyone peeking into parked vehicles may be considered stealing the vehicle, valuables inside or both.
*The sound of breaking glass or any loud explosive noise could mean an accident, burglary, or vandalism
CALL 301-279-8000

Prevent Theft From Vehicles
“If they Can SEE IT”
They Can STEAL IT!”

1. Lock your doors and close the windows.
2. Remove valuables from vehicle or lock them in the trunk where they are out of sight.
3. Do not leave electronic devices or accessories visible.
4. Do not leave money in your vehicle.
5. Park in your garage (if you have one.)

Steps to take if your vehicle has been broken into

1. Try not to touch the vehicle (Fingerprints may have been left by the perpetrator.)
2. Try to recall all items which were stolen.
3. Call Police 301-279-8000
4. If a Police Officer will be dispatched to your location, please wait for his or her arrival.