RCHCA Winter Newsletter February 2015

This newsletter has been mailed to all households.   Click here for a printable pdf version.

Rock Creek Hills Citizens’ Association Newsletter – Annual Meeting – March 2015

The winter annual meeting of the Rock Creek Hills Citizens’ Association will be held on Tuesday, March 3, at 7:30 PM, at Grace Episcopal Day School, 9411 Connecticut Avenue. The agenda will include the minutes of the last meeting, an update on the status of the pending conversion of Rock Creek Hills Park, a discussion about the wind-down of the related litigation, election of officers, the treasurer’s report, a short presentation on developing land use, transportation, and parking issues, a proposal for an ornamental rock, and more on the proposed inter-generational Village program for our community.

Election of Officers

The current officers have all agreed to serve for another year to provide continuity during the anticipated construction of Rock Creek Hills Park and to complete the updating of a number of administrative issues, such as the community directory. The current officers and board members are: Jim Pekar, president; Hill Carter, vice-president; Maria Marzullo, treasurer; Jill Gallagher, secretary; John Robinson, past-president, and Vince DeCain, covenants officer. Additional nominations are welcomed from the floor.

New Rock Creek Hills Directory

We are currently preparing a printed directory for all RCHCA residents. The online directory can be used to look up neighbor’s contact information, post vendor referrals, and also to let neighbors know what services you have to offer. There is a phone app that provides on the go directory information. We are working on a dues paying option on the online directory software and will tell you when (or if) it becomes available! To access the online directory go to: https://www.atozdirectories.com/home/login.php. You will need a username and password to login. If you do not have one, you may email Sam Hoxie ([email protected]), include your name and address and she will email you your username. If you do not have computer access, please mail to 9711 E. Bexhill Drive or call Sam 301-942-0743 with any new information so that we can keep our resident database up to date. More information and links to the online directory access may be found on our website, rchca.org. Also, we are looking for volunteers to help with hand distribution to save the mailing fee. To help, contact Sam Hoxie at the email in the text.

Join the RCHCA email network

The Rock Creek Hills Citizens’ Association e-mail network, rchcanet, is for families of Rock Creek Hills. We urge everyone with email access to sign up for this, as it will allow information about the neighborhood, planned events, etc. to be easily disseminated to everyone in a timely manner. This communication forum is not intended to replace any existing communications. The instructions on how to join are posted on the RCHCA website, rchca.org, under the communications tab at the top of the website.

Treasurer’s Report and Dues for this Calendar Year

As of publication the RCHCA checking account had a balance of $5,899 and the RCHCA savings account a balance of $8,526. Thus funds for operations are $14,425. There are no normal operating invoices outstanding at this time. The separate account established to support the Rock Creek Hills Park litigation is being liquidated as funds are collected to complete payment for that litigation. The outstanding obligation for that litigation was settled at $10,000, one half of the final invoice we received. As of now, $3400 is required to complete the payment with $5500 received or pledged from residents since January 1. If any further funds needed by March 3, this will be discussed at that meeting. Dues for the year are $40 and should be sent to Maria Marzullo at 9801 E. Bexhill Drive, Kensington, MD 20895.

Status of the Rock Creek Hills Local Park Construction

The Board of Education submitted its revised plans for the proposed new middle school to the Planning Board for mandatory review. Several residents met with Amy Lindsey of the Planning Board staff on February 10 to review the plans and provide our initial comments and concerns. The Planning Board hearing is on March 19 and RCHCA will be submitting its comments well in advance. There will be a presentation and discussion of the main issues, such as massing, tree buffering, and parking at the March 3 meeting.

Other items to be discussed

Fifi and Will Chase have been maintaining the triangle at Old Spring Road and Elrod for the last two years at their own expense, thus saving RCHCA at least $500 over that time. They have asked if RCHCA would purchase an ornamental rock for that sum and place it in the triangle. There will be an update on efforts to establish an inter-generational Village organization in Rock Creek Hills. There is increasing concern about excess parking on Littledale Road and Haverhill Drive. This topic may become increasing important as work on the new school site progresses. The date and location of the annual Mothers’ Day Picnic will announced via the RCHCA email net and posted on the RCHCA website at rchca.org.