Your Neighborhood Watch Team Presents: Helpful Home Security Tips re Doors & Windows

Here are some safety tips regarding your doors and windows:

– Use solid, not hollow, core doors for exteriorentrances. Doors should fit snugly inthe frame with the hinges on the inside. For doors with single bolt locks, use at least a one-inch dead bolt.

– Put a dowel in the track of our sliding glass door toimpede opening.

– Do not leave your house key in a hiding place near thehouse. Most hiding places are obvious toburglars. When you leave your house donot leave a note explaining why you are not there. Avoid leaving doors or windows unlocked when youare not at home.

– Avoid displaying valuable items near windows with opendrapes or shades.

(Source: National Sheriff’s Association & Montgomery County Community Police Officer Denise Gill)


Eden & Paul
RCH-NW Coordinators