RCHCANet Stats from Mike Baker

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There are 362 active email addresses registered for RCHCAnet. This number isn’t easily correlated to the number of households represented on RCHCAnet, since many households have multiple email addresses registered (e.g. home, work, multiple household members, etc.)

The total number of email addresses registered for RCHCAnet is 398. There are 36 bouncing email addresses. The most common cause of “bouncing” email on RCHCAnet is old email addresses (e.g. changed ISP provider, but the old email address is registered). The second most common cause of “bouncing” email on RCHCAnet is a full mailbox.

For neighbors that wish to join RCHCAnet, they can sign up using the link here, or via sending an email to rchcanet-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. With either method, we request that those wishing to sign up provide their name and address, so we can verify that they are a Rock Creek Hills resident or homeowner. This is just to minimize spam.

Mike Baker
RCHCAnet admin