Caution with rchcanet emails


Since we verify that new members of RCHCAnet are residents of Rock Creek Hills and/or homeowners in Rock Creek Hills, we seldom get much spam. However, every once in a while a member of RCHCAnet will have a problem that will cause malicious email to be sent on their behalf. Since we do not moderate messages, any malicious messages get forwarded to all members.

One method of protecting yourself is to verify all links before clicking on them. Most browsers and email programs will show you the true Uniform Resource Locator (URL, a.k.a. web address) when you hover the cursor over the link. My rule of thumb is to always verify the links, and if I don’t trust the link; don’t click on it. Unfortunately, sites that shorten URL’s hide the true URL. Again, my personal rule of thumb is to not click on shortened URL’s, even though they can be useful.

Note, the two emails that contain questionable links to sites with a RU (Russia) top level domain have been deleted from RCHCAnet.

Mike Baker