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“Alert” sites from our County and Other Sources

Please be aware of Alert Montgomery (Please see below) and other alert sites which may help reduce the volume of postings of alerts on RCHCAnet. Individuals should sign up for the weather, traffic and school alerts of interest to them. Then posting to RCHCAnet would be redundant for these types of messages, and should be eliminated.

In addition, I urge all residents considering removal from RCHCAnet, due to the message volume, to consider switching to digest mode. Digest mode that allows an individual to receive at most one message from RCHCAnet per day. If multiple messages are posted in a given day, they will be consolidated into a single message.

Alert Montgomery

You can sign up to be notified “during a major crisis, emergency, or severe weather event.”

Alert Montgomery has over 15 alert categories, including “Severe Traffic”, “Severe Weather”, MCPS, and various Parks and Recreation categories, . You can receive the alerts as email, as text messages, or pager alerts.

Individuals can subscribe to the message categories that interest them.

Other Alerts

There are hundreds of sources of alerts. A few local ones are:
NBC 4 –
Fox 5 –
ABC 7 – – You need to “create an account”
CBS 9 –

County Snow Removal Update

The County posts snow removal updates as ‘News Releases’ to their website.

Snow Removal update 2/7/2010 –

“Plowing of neighborhood streets will begin Monday. MCDOT will initially make one plow pass through all neighborhood streets, and then crews will return to continue plowing and snow removal.”

News Releases are published at: